Digital Banking Platform for Advanced Banking Services

20 years of experience.

We have developed a methodology that is based on best practices and proven frameworks such as PRINCE2, PMBoK, MSF, and RUP.

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24/7 Digital banking. Minimal IT Efforts.

Implementing our digital banking platform can help you improve the user experience and drive value for the business. However, your IT team may not have the resources to handle increased support and maintenance for new banking platforms.

Our Digital Edge-as-a-Service provides the same features and quality as our on-premise solution, which ensures a better user experience across all of your digital channels. However, it does this without causing you headaches from platform and infrastructure maintenance. We handle support and maintenance on our end, so you can reduce your IT costs while providing users with a higher level of service.


Consistent Digital Banking. Pay as You Go.

Digital banking is already a commodity, as customers expect to manage their finances at any time and from any location. They also expect reliability, whether they are banking from a desktop, laptop or mobile device which is exactly what this advanced digital banking platform has to offer.

With our Digital Edge-as-a-Service you can offer customers a targeted and consistent digital banking experience – without going through a long and costly implementation. And you’ll only pay for the services that you use, so your costs will correlate with your revenue.


Proven Implementation Methodology.

ASEE has 20 years of experience implementing complex projects in the banking industry in Southeast Europe. During this period, we have developed a methodology that is based on best practices and proven frameworks such as PRINCE2, PMBoK, MSF, and RUP.

This has helped us to minimize our clients’ risks and successfully finish hundreds of digital channel implementations.


Stay Up and Running with Our Proactive Support and Maintenance.

Digital banking gives customers 24/7 access to your services. This means you will need 24/7 support. Our support and maintenance packages help you keep all of your touchpoint applications up and running, so your customers can get high-quality services on demand and enjoy the highest level of online banking security

Our support team is available at any time to help you solve problems and provide customers with the highest quality of digital banking service.


First Touch-point Application (web) Born!


Evolved to cross-channel. Support for interactions with customers and employees providing a single view on customers, their data, interactions, and transactions across and independent of channel while allowing switching the channel during the interaction and transaction.


Omni-channel user experience.

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