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Reach PSD2 compliance with ease and on time!

Quick deployment, no bank’s investment in infrastructure and effortless maintenance

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PSD2 Enabler in Cloud

With easy and quick deployment

PSD2 Enabler in Cloud by Asseco SEE offers regulatory compliance and enables open banking opportunities with ease and minimal changes to your existing systems.

All this in the SaaS model comes with no investment in the infrastructure on a bank’s side! Even more, if the technology and the system you currently use allow that and you use the Berlin Group standard, you can take advantage of quick installation and, with the support of Asseco SEE, establish a fully operational sandbox in 5 days!

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How can PSD2 Enabler in Cloud help you?

With a lot of pressure built up by PSD2 and not much available time, a quick and investment friendly yet bulletproof PSD2 solution is the way to go!All solution components are delivered as a container which enable flexibility, secure management and portability between a cloud service provider and own data center if needed. Asseco SEE’s PSD2 Enabler solution is hosted on Microsoft Azure platform in a data center in the EU that complies with the stringent requirements of SOC3, PCI DSS, ISO 27001, ISO 27017.

Why should you opt for a Cloud solution?

  • Achieve PSD2 compliance with minimum costs
  • Don’t worry about the maintenance, upgrade or update – your service provider will take care of it
  • Take advantage of quick installation
  • Out-of-the-box solution compliant with Berlin Group NextGenPSD2 API standard and certified by NISP
  • Increase flexibility and openness – API solution can be used outside PSD2 Regulation scope
  • Ultimate data protection
  • No own infrastructure needed

PSD2 Enabler in Cloud

Architecture and Modules

Reach end-to-end compliance with Asseco SEE’s PSD2 Enabler in Cloud that will support you in
covering 3 key pillars of PSD2:

  • Exposing XS2A APls
  • Transaction monitoring with a fraud management tool
  • Strong customer authentication (SCA)

Instant Access to PSD2 Enabler Webinar

A video of the Solve your compliance puzzle with PSD2 Enabler webinar organized by Asseco SEE on March 15, 2018 is available on our website for free! You can gain a fresh perspective on the final PSD2 and RTS requirements and Asseco SEE’s guidance toward compliance and full-blown open banking. Discover our unique solution which incorporates 3 components of crucial importance for compliance – Strong Customer Authentication, API & Fraud Monitoring.

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