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Customers expect speed, ease, security and convenience in every activity nowadays, both online and offline.

This also sets a standard for their expectations from the digital experience, customer onboarding and loan origination offered by banks. There are security considerations, especially when selling loans online to new customers, but today risks are successfully mitigated thanks to technological advancement and enabling regulations. Still, integrating all the technologies and automating the most complex process in the bank in a way that is simple and transparent for customers is a huge challenge.


Digital Origination by Asseco

Digital Origination by Asseco enables you to take control of your origination process with an easy-to-deploy and flexible solution which incorporates an embedded BPM engine, leading-practice process templates, and well-defined integration points. Choosing this solution is an investment in the platform that can withstand the test of time and enable a strategic advantage and agility. Also, it will make your customers and employees happy as it provides them with the frictionless user experience they expect in the digital era.

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Digitally onboard your customers in less than 9 minutes

Build trust and establish a firm relationship with new customers quickly. Enjoy the advantages of a fully paperless process, which includes ID document capture, video identification and electronic signing in compliance with the regulations, while the traditional process completion via branch visit or a trusted courier is supported as an alternative.

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Enable real-time loan decisions

In the fast-paced world and with the accelerated adoption of new technologies, banks need to adjust to customers’ expectations of closing a deal here and now. A fully automated underwriting process, with the human handling of special cases, can reduce attrition of your existing customers and increase acquisition of new ones.

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Meet multiple customer needs by selling bundles

Go beyond selling only one product or a number of products but through different applications. With Digital Origination, you can respond to diverse customer requirements by selling bundles of different bank’s and 3rd party products in a single offer.

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Empower sales with dynamic calculation & preferential pricing

Would you like to support sales with instant automated calculation of a proper price based on variable input parameters? Save their time and reduce the risk of applying manual pricing through an instant, dynamic price calculation. Based on flexible rules, consistently applied and transparently presented, all this is available to you with Digital Origination.

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Accelerate your digitalization efforts with flexible technology

Ability to demonstrate quickly the business value of the chosen solution is an important requirement of growth-oriented organizations. With Digital Origination by Asseco, you can achieve a quick win on a sustainable, long-term solution that offers a standard end-to-end process and reusable domain features available out of the box.
Furthermore, the cloud-native architecture of the solution delivers both IT agility and stability allowing you to deploy a new version or create a test environment in minutes. With either on-premise or cloud option of the solution, the fast and flexible deployment of microservices supports the quick accomplishment of your business goals.

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