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Customers expect speed, ease, security and convenience in every activity nowadays, both online and offline.

This also sets a standard for their expectations from the digital experience, customer onboarding and loan origination offered by banks. There are security considerations, especially when selling loans online to new customers, but today risks are successfully mitigated thanks to technological advancement and enabling regulations. Still, integrating all the technologies and automating the most complex process in the bank in a way that is simple and transparent for customers is a huge challenge.

Digital Origination by Asseco

Digital Origination by Asseco enables you to take control of your origination process with an easy-to-deploy and flexible solution which incorporates an embedded BPM engine, leading-practice process templates, and well-defined integration points. Choosing this solution is an investment in the platform that can withstand the test of time and enable a strategic advantage and agility. Also, it will make your customers and employees happy as it provides them with the frictionless user experience they expect in the digital era.

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Digitally onboard your customers quickly

Build trust and establish a firm relationship with new customers in less than 9 minutes.

Automate your decision-making process

Assess the risks and make quality decisions without human involvement, or as little human involvement as necessary. There's always a logic behind decisions that can be transferred to a rule and executed automatically.

Boost digital sales

Surround customers with your digital product catalog. Configure products as you want to expose them to the market and automate technical choices not important to customer or sales.

Be responsive to all devices and channels

Device and screen size don't matter. Smooth user experience is constant.

Automate your digital origination process

Design the process as you work, and execute it exactly as its designed. The control is in your hands.

If you want your customers to perceive you as agile and best fit for their needs, you should ensure that your bank’s requirements are met by the provider who understands you. In the fast-paced world, quick implementation of a digital origination system will make sure that your products reach the market in the blink of a n eye.

In addition, superior customer onboarding experience, efficient digital origination and a flexible IT partner that enables you to respond to business requirements based on your preferences are key ingredients for the rise in your sales conversions and higher customer satisfaction.

If you’re ready for this expedition, don’t waste time letting someone else capture your wallet share. Contact us to get started now!

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