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Move Your Digital Strategy Forward.

Banks that introduce an omnichannel strategy are seeing double-digit growth across their digital channels.

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Customer experience that makes all the difference.

Comparing banks by rates and fees of their products is a rational part of customer purchasing decisions. Experience that a customer has with your touchpoints is what triggers emotions and creates preferences that the customer does not bother to rationalize. Our touchpoint applications let you meet and exceed expectations of increasingly demanding customers. Asseco’s omnichannel banking solutions turn your products and services into experiences across self-service and assisted touchpoints.


Omnichannel Banking : Provide Customers With a Consistent Digital Banking Experience Across All Channels.

Our web and mobile UIs automatically adjust to each customer’s devices thanks to our omnichannel banking technology.

Customers expect a consistent digital experience with the same UI and UX – regardless of which channel they use for their banking.

Our web, mobile and ATM apps put your customers in control of their banking experience. Customers will see a consistent interface – with familiar menus, forms and wizards – across all of their channels.

The UI will automatically adjust based on each customer’s specific device. For example, if a customer uses iOS, they will have a consistent experience across their Mac, iPhone and iPad. If they use a variety of OSs, the interface will adapt to each device.

These days the customers demand the same UI and UX regardless of the channel used because they like to be in control and choose the right channel for their needs. So, using our omnichannel banking solutions, the customers will see the same user interface no matter if they use a web, mobile, or ATM application. More than that, the menus, the input forms, the transitions and wizards will be the same in all touchpoint applications but adapted to device specifics, so if the customers are used to iOS operating mode, they will easily use our mobile application on an iPhone.


Protect Your Most Valuable Asset – Your Customers.

Our web and mobile banking apps help you keep your customers’ data secure across all of your digital channels.

Today’s customers want quick and easy access to their accounts. They don’t want to memorize lots of passwords or take many authentication steps just to do their daily banking. However, online banking security requirements can make it challenging for you to meet these demands as keeping your customers’ data secure is your number one priority.

Our omnichannel banking solutions make it easy for app users to log into their accounts – while making it difficult for hackers to break in. Customers can log in by enteringa simple username and password. They also have the option to use hardware or software security tokens. You can also set up two-factor authentication or authorization after customers begin to conduct online transactions, as this will provide an added layer of security.


No Excuse for a Bad User Experience.

Offer a superior digital banking experience with a native app.

One of the biggest mobile banking challenges is that the customers expect the speed and reliability of native mobile applications. If your banking app doesn’t meet these expectations, your customers will go elsewhere. With our native mobile app, customers can bank with you at any time and from any iOS, Android or Windows device. The native app provides a fast, reliable and consistent banking experience – seamlessly integrating with all of your other channels as part of our omnichannel banking solutions. A great mobile banking experience will increase your customers’ satisfaction, so they bank with you more often and recommend you to others.

Today’s Customers Prefer Native Apps.

A native app can improve your online banking’s reliability and increase customer satisfaction.
According to a survey by Equation Research, 85% of respondents prefer native apps due to their speed, high-quality interfaces, and platform features. Offering a reliable and feature-rich native app will make it easy for customers to bank with you from their mobile devices. Providing superb mobile banking solutions to your customers can greatly increase your customer satisfaction and drive more engagement with your bank. Satisfied customers are also more likely to recommend both the app


Stay Up to Date With the Latest OS Changes and Trends in Mobile Banking

Our native apps ensure that your mobile banking experience stays consistent,even when operating systems are always changing.

If you don’t keep pace with OS updates, your mobile banking app will quickly become outdated.

Our mobile apps are native to the most popular operating systems, including iOS, Android and Windows. Customers simply download the app from their device’s app store to get instant access to your latest mobile banking services. Since the app is native to their OS, they’ll enjoy lightning-fast speeds and enhanced reliability.

We release updates immediately after Apple, Google and Microsoft launch new OS versions. All of our updates are in line with the OS provider’s design guidelines, so customers won’t experience problems with their app when a new OS version is released.

Give Your Customers A Reason To Make Your App A Daily Habit.

Use push notifications to alert customers about changes to their accounts and bring them back to your mobile app.

Customers can’t wait until the next business day to see updates to their accounts. They want
instant notifications when changes are made to their accounts and payments are authorized on
their behalf.

With our mobile app, you can send push messages to your customers and instantly notify them
about updates to their accounts. For example, you can send them alerts about transactions,
payment card authorizations, product usage, and more. You can also send your customers
targeted offers via push messages to drive sales via your digital channels or local branches.

Go Paperless With Smartphone Cameras.

With our mobile app, your customers can use their smartphone cameras to automate much of their day-to-day banking.

Gone are the days when customers must to go to a branch to cash a cheque or make a deposit
With our smart camera feature, your customers can simply snap a picture of their cheque and
instantly deposit it into their accounts.
With our mobile banking apps, customers can use their smartphone cameras to automate much
of their banking. They can:

  • Scan barcodes or QR codes to automate bill payments
  • Use QR code scanning to recognize the destination account for personal payments
  • Scan and pay bills
  • Input data faster when they scan fields such as the destination account, amount, and bill
    reference number

Location. Location. Location.

Our geolocation features make it easy for customers to find you … and for you to find them.

Competition for local banking customers is fierce.Through our mobile app’s geolocation features,
you can give customers a personalized, local experience that keeps them coming back. For
example, customers can tap their smartphone to quickly find your nearest branch or ATM. You
can also send them offers from their branch or your local partners. These value-added services
can increase customer loyalty and reduce churn.



Provide customers with a consistent digital banking experience – no matter what screen size they are using.

With so many mobile devices hitting the market, it’s hard to know if your app will look good on your customers’ screens.

We’ve used responsive web design to ensure that your mobile banking app automatically adapts to any screen size. It doesn’t matter if your customers are banking on laptops, tablets or smartphones – they will be able to read your content, fill out your forms and complete their transactions. The better your digital banking experience, the more likely customers are to use your app and recommend it to others.


Any Device. Any Browser.

With our web app, you can rest assured that your UI will function on any screensize.
Your customers have preferred applications, preferred channels and even preferred browsers. If you don’t support their favorite browser, you run the risk that they won’t use your web app or bank with you. Our web app supports the most popular browsers, so you can provide your customers with a great digital banking experience. This will make them more likely to return to your web app and bank with you across all of their digital channels.

Tablet-Friendly Banking.

According to Gartner, the number of tablets will soon surpass the number of desktops and laptops combined.
Our web application uses responsive design to ensure that customers can easily bank with you from any device. This allows you to give all of your customers a great digital experience, so you can enhance loyalty and grow your share of wallet.


Integrate Your ATMs with All of Your Banking Channels.


Our omnichannel banking solutions let you meet customer demands for more ATM services and increase your bank’s transactions.

An ATM used to be a simple cash dispenser, but digital banking trends are changing and now customers expect much more. For example, customers now want to go to the nearest ATM to pay bills, exchange currency and make cardless cash withdrawals. To meet these new customer demands, your ATMs must offer rich services that are uniquely tailored for ATMs.

Our omnichannel banking solution integrates all of your ATMs with your other traditional and digital channels. This allows you to offer more services through your ATMs, so you can attract more customers and provide them with seamless experience – no matter how they want to bank with you, with Asseco you have the future of banking covered.


Let your frontline employees take part in the omnichannel banking strategy.

Your frontline employees are in close contact with customers doing their best to give great customer service and sell your products. This is very hard when they are forced to juggle with many outdated applications. This is where many omnichannel initiatives fall short. With Asseco’s omnichannel banking solutions, a single frontline application is connected to omnichannel data and processes.Your bank representatives can finally focus on important things and be the customer heroes you want them to be.


One hub to power all your touchpoints.

Giving your customers consistent and connected experience across different channels with siloed applications that do not share their capabilities and connectivity is an uphill battle. By connecting your present and future touchpoint applications to a hub that offers shared digital banking capabilities, orchestrates processes across channels and takes care of connectivity to backend systems, you instantly make your touchpoints consistent and more agile for future demands on your banking solutions.


All channels, one HUB.

The financial industry has dramatically changed in the past five years, with customers demanding
more banking options across more channels. However, many banks are falling behind this digital
transformation, as their core banking systems don’t offer the services and tools that today’s
customers want.
Even if core banking systems provide these services, they usually don’t integrate with sales and
marketing channels. This makes it hard for banks to deliver a consistent customer experience and
achieve ROI.
Our Digital Hub helps you improve customer engagement and provide a consistent experience, as
it allows you to offer more business services across more channels. It also sets an isolation point
between backend systems – which change rarely – and touchpoint applications – which change
frequently. This helps you be more agile in customer experience layer.

Easily Connect All of Your Banking Applications.

The more channels you use, the harder it is to integrate all of your banking services and provide customers with a consistent digital banking experience.

Our Digital Hub connects all of your digital banking channels to your back-end applications – such as your core banking system, payment systems and CRM. This omnichannel strategy in banking removes silos and allows your touchpoint applications to access your services in a single location and through a single connection. When you seamlessly integrate all of your systems, you can simplify your IT and provide customers with a consistent experience, achieved via our omnichannel banking solutions.

Gain a Single View of Your Customer with our Omnichannel Banking Solutions

Gaining a single view of your customers can help you provide better service and offer the right digital banking products to the right person at the right time. However, the more channels you use, the harder it is to manage your data and get a clear view of your customers.

When you request customer information from our Digital Hub, you’ll get data from the original source. This gives you a single point of truth, so you will have accurate, up-to-the-minute information about your customers.



Take the Complexity Out of Your Integrations.

Discover a simple and cost-effective way to integrate your digital banking services with our omnichannel banking solutions.

In the past, integrations were resource-intensive and costly. Now, representational state transfer (REST) allows you to improve your performance, simplify your interfaces and easily scale to meet new business and customer demands. Our Digital Hub offers an extensive set of secured REST APIs. This increases interoperability, giving you a simple and cost-effective way to integrate your new multichannel banking services with your current and future apps.


Engage the Right Customer at the Right Time on the Right Channel.

Easily communicate with your customers via SMS, email, video, social media and other channels.

You have more ways than ever to communicate with customers. To drive business growth, you must reach the right customer at the right time in the right place. Our Correspondence module allows you to engage customers across all of their preferred channels, such as email, SMS, push messaging, chat, video, social media and secured inbox. This will allow you to reach more customers, enhance their digital banking experience and increase your revenue.



Protect your most valuable asset – your customers’ financial data.

Easily communicate with your customers via SMS, email, video, social media and other channels.

Today’s banks face an unprecedented number of threats. Our Digital Hub’s security engine works hard to protect your customers and data. It supports two-factor authentication using a variety of security tokens. The Hub also allows for complex authorization schemes with the segregation of duties, as well as simple authorization for individuals. Digital signatures with public key infrastructures (PKIs) or security tokens also ensure data integrity and non-repudiation.

Strong Authentication for strong security.

With so many high-profile data breaches making headlines, customers are often wary about conducting transactions online and concerned about online banking security. Our Digital Hub’s powerful authentication server can help build trust in your online and mobile banking services. It supports almost all authentication options – from simple authentication with a username and password to complex, two-factor authentication using software and hardware tokens. It also allows for multiple authentication levels based on user activity and context.

Flexible Authorization for Secure Mobile and Online Banking.

Banks are facing an unprecedented number of threats and are under more pressure than ever to protect their customers’ data. Our Digital Hub’s authorization and non-repudiation features help to protect your brand, customers and data across all of your digital channels. They support simple authorization, so your customers can easily and securely access their accounts. The Digital Hub also allows you to enforce complex authorization schemes for increased security.

Connectors and Add-ons

The Power of Connectors and Add-ons.

Open your backend with APIs and connectors.
We believe that standardization and openness are the best way to reduce integration costs and accelerate implementation of your omnichannel banking initiatives. That is why, as a BIAN member, and core banking vendor, we structure our connectors according to the standardized landscape. Our open APIs reflect our deep knowledge of banking integrations. Connectors we provide are implemented with open source tooling and integration hub.

Arm your digital hub with powerful add-ons.
As you are reading this, your competition is most probably working on their strategy to win the battle for customers. Our digital hub can be extended with powerful add-ons that can give you the edge in the ongoing digital arms race. These add-ons give you actionable insights and let you innovate despite potential shortcomings of your legacy backend systems.


Provide a seamless digital experience with our Core Banking Connector.

To give customers a consistent digital banking experience, you must ensure that all of your channels integrate with each other.

Our Core Banking Connector allows all of your digital channels and apps to “talk” to each other. For example, it activates and amends arrangements and their related elements, such as cards and mandates. It synchronizes these arrangements and elements across all of your channels and stores a copy of them in your digital banking database. This ensures predictable performance and helps you avoid tight coupling.


Make Master Data Management Easy.

Our omnichannel banking solutions let you store all of your omnichannel banking data in a single repository, so you can quickly gain customer insights.

The more channels you have, the harder it is to manage information across all of your databases, apps and systems.

Our Master Data Management Connector pulls data from all of your channels into a single repository. This gives you a clear view of your customers. With the Master Data Management Connector, you can access the following registries:

Payment codes

  • Payment codes
  • Countries
  • Currencies
  • Channels
  • Populated places
  • Streets for populated places
  • Customer profile data
  • Product catalogue

A special connector is available for these registries and it is administered through the Multichannel Administration Console.


Integrate Your Sales and Marketing Data With Our CRM Connector.

Gain a clear view of your customers – no matter what channels they use to engage with you.

Integrating your CRM data with your digital banking channels allows you to provide better customer support. It also helps you offer the right services to the right customers at the right time.
Our Customer Order, Care and Survey Connectors give you the information you need to improve your bank’s customer service. You can use these insights to better handle complaints and customize products for each customer.
Our Offer Management and Campaign Execution Connectors help you drive sales. For example, your marketing team can use this data to send targeted offers to customers and capture responses. Your sales team can customize their proposals, so they are relevant to each customer.


Help Your Customers Achieve Their Financial Goals With the PFM Add-On.

Offering your customers a PFM can increase how often they interact with your bank.

Studies about New Year’s resolutions have shown that “spending less and saving more” is a top consumer goal.

Help your customers achieve this goal with the Personal Finance Manager. This add-on provides spend tracking, budgeting, spending alerts and advisory features that will help your customers gain control of their finances. The more your customers rely on their Personal Finance Manager, the more they will interact with your bank. This will drive customer loyalty and referrals.


Increase Response Rates and Sales With Targeted Offers.

Send the right offer to the right customer at the right time with our targeted Campaign Management module.

Today’s customers are tired of advertising. They won’t pay attention to your message unless it speaks directly to their needs, challenges and goals.
Our Campaign Management module helps you reach the right customer at the right time with the right message. It lets you segment customers, so you can send them the best offer based on their past behaviour and what they are the most likely to want next.
This will help you improve your response rates, customer engagement and sales. Our Campaign Response Analysis tools will also allow you to evaluate your campaigns, so you can fine-tune them to get better results.


Turn Channel Insights Into Action.

Understanding your customers is key to driving business and gaining a competitive advantage.

Our Channel Analytics give you insight into how all of your channels are performing. For example, it includes dashboards and drill down features that let you monitor the number of transactions on each channel. Your can also see how often customers are using each channel, so you can determine their preferences. This valuable data can help you learn more about your customers, so you can find more opportunities for upselling and cross selling.


Online Payments Made Easy.


Support all of the ways that your customers like to make payments.

The top two things that banking customers do online are check their balances and make payments.
Our Payment Initiation add-on handles all of the ways that your customers like to make payments. For example, they can pay via a mobile number or Facebook account. They can also use electronic billing to send and receive payments 24/7. Offering this service will make your customers’ lives easier, which can increase their satisfaction and your share of wallet.

Solution Architecture Check how it all fits together!

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First Touch-point Application (web) Born!


Evolved to cross-channel. Support for interactions with customers and employees providing a single view on customers, their data, interactions, and transactions across and independent of channel while allowing switching the channel during the interaction and transaction.


Omni-channel user experience.

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