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Move Your Digital Strategy Forward.

Banks experience double-digit growth across their digital channels as a result of an omnichannel strategy.

A current trend in customers’ habits is to move away from banking in branches and bank online instead. To engage these growing percentages, you must have a solid digital banking strategy allowing customers to bank with you at any time and from any device.
We provide a banking platform which gives customers a personalized banking experience – whether they are banking from their smartphone or in their local branch. Our digital banking solutions ensure that customer data flows seamlessly across both self-service and assisted touch points, so you can offer a consistent digital experience. This will help you improve your customers’ digital banking experience, build customer loyalty and reduce churn. Meet the future of banking and be ahead of the competition.

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Attract Customers and Drive Sales Online.

In the highly competitive financial market, with the latest online banking trends, it’s getting harder to attract and retain customers. You’re not just competing with other banks for share of wallet. Now, you’re threatened by newcomers – such as tech giants and telecoms – who are often better positioned to serve customers on digital channels.

How can banks address this issue?


Introduction of innovative digital channels puts banks in better position and help them attract and acquire new customers.


Drive Your Revenue Through Intuitive Digital Banking Solutions

Inability to grow the active digital market for cross sell activity coupled with slow time to market for new products and ineffective online marketing capabilities mean cross-sell rates will not improve.

How can banks address this issue?


Leverage Digital Onboarding And Origination for Growth

Customers look for convenient, quick and reliable interactions with banks. Approval of product applications in the digital world requires automation coupled with smart decision-making and smooth customer experience across devices.

How can banks address this issue?

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What our customers say.



As a customer - oriented mobile online bank, our solution is focused on enabling our customers to get the best out of two industries in one place - telecommunications and banking. Our complex IT banking solution enables real Omni-channel and cross industry experience. Check out Asseco SEE & Telenor Banka's presentation at Finovate Conference 2015

by Marko Carevic, Telenor Banka Marketing Director.


As a market leader in the CEE region, our constant objective is to deliver the best modern technology to our end customers. For this reason, part of our digital banking strategy was to offer to our clients unified user experience through all channels and on as many end user devices as possible, trying to meet the expectations of all segments of our customers. Together with Asseco SEE we successfully delivered end product which will refine the digital banking experience of our clients and is ready to raise the bar high for tablet banking market in Europe.  

by Mauro Maschio, Head of Retail UniCredit CEE

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